The table below is a list of the current Class Agents as we know it now.  Please be aware that some of the email addresses for these folks may be old and not operating (folks do have a tendency to change their email addresses at times and not tell everyone the new one).  Anyhow, we are hoping that these are up to date and still working.  If you have not checked in with your class agent, please do so as soon as possible so that they will have a fairly good list of where their class mates are.  If you have trouble with the email address get in touch with Herb Kavanaugh '50 and he will see if he can find a good address.

You might note that there are some classes not represented.  We need your help in this.  If you would like to be a Class Agent for your class, please contact Herb Kavanaugh '50 at so that he can add you to the web page listing.  He will also forward your name to the officers of the Alumni Association for their records.

The purpose of the Class Agent is to act as a focal point for any information that the Alumni Association wants to relay to the Alumni about meetings or specific events.  This keeps the Association from having to spam the world or spend postage on newsletters or other forms of correspondence.  This way only the Class Agent has to spam their part of the world.  Also, the Class Agent is the focal point of contact for reunions and other meetings that may arise for their class.  We are hoping that the web page will form as a message board for the Association to get info to the alumni.


Class of '45


Class of '46    
Class of '47    
Class of '48 Nancy Rippy Welton '48
Class of '49 Jim Cavender '49  
Class of '50 Herb Kavanaugh '50
Class of '51    
Class of '52    
Class of '53
Class of '54
Class of '55 Barbara Salser

Class of '56 Robert McKibben
Class of '57 Beverly Murray '57
Class of '58 Rosalyn "Rosie" Jones-Reeves
Class of '59 Dan Smith
Class of '60 Paula Gorbett White
Class of '61 Carole Capps Steadham '61
Class of '62 Janice Bell Fitzgerald
Class of '63 Shirley Yancey Hoover
Class of '64 Sid Brannan '64
Class of '65 Elizabeth Kay Jackson Frazier
Class of '66 Paula Howell Thompson

Class of '67 Ray Bridget Miller Moore
Class of '68 Kathy Adams Butterfield
Class of '69 Pam Schuchard McAlister
Class of '70    
Class of '71 Gail White Scoggins
Class of '72 Regina Polk Sanders
Class of '73 Kathy McDonald
Kuby Roach McClendon
Class of '74 Cathy Cooper Seifert '74
Class of '75 Gloria F. Mackey Reed '75
Class of '76 Marena (Hartsell) Miller '76
Class of '79 Luanne Wright Robinson

Class of '82 Wes McClure
Class of '83 Cyndi Adcock Smith
Class of '84 Belinda Norris
Class of '85 Rynn Sloan Ziller
Class of '86 Patti Gee
Class of '88 Stephanie Dowell Largent  
Class of '89 Gary Overstreet
Class of '90 Kelly Daniels
Class of '93 Jennifer Orona
Class of '94 Cynthia Harris Wilson

Class of '95 Tara Teague  
Class of '96 Ashley Robinson Rosales  
Class of '97 Jessica Rios Navarro  
Class of '00 Kelli Linton Chadwick
Class of '02 Chelsea Pearson Horn
Class of '03 Viki Sanchez
Class of '04 Heather Brown-Curtis

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 Alumni Officers

The following list of folks are the current officers of the Alumni Association.

Blenda Norris '84, President
Rick Herring '83 Vice President/Treasurer
Cathy Cooper Seifert '74, Secretary
Robert McKibben '56, Chairman of the Board

Directors: Gregg Bursey, Donna Crawford, Paula Langley, Arthur Matchette, Jeanette Rincon

Eagle Roost members:  Rick Herring, Judith Hollinghead and Robert McKibben. (The Eagle's Roost was created to honor Past Presidents of the Association and is a voting position).