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This is the place were we are going to put all the announcements and Eagle Brag items. If any ole Eagle has anything they want to put on the bulletin board send it to us via Email or the Comments section of the Sign-In form and we will see that it gets posted. However, we are reserving the right to do a little editing on the item in case Lake Worth happens to be listening in (a local joke). For now we will let the item stay on the bulletin board for a week or two before cleaning it off.

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Alumni Officers for 2015 & 2016

The Carter Riverside Alumni Officers for the school year 2015 &2016 are:

Belinda Norris '84   - President
Gregg Bursey '73   - Vice President
Cathy Seifert '74    - Secretary/Treasurer
Rick Herring '83     - Historian
Robert McKibben '56  - Chairman of the EX's

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Attention All Classes

There is some new events and information listed on the Campus Happenings page

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Some Historical Information About The School

Did you know that the school just had a birthday??  The ole lady was built in 1935 and opened in 1936.  For those that have had higher math, that means that she has turned 80 years old.  Click over to the Historical Stuff and read Rick Herring's article.  It's quite interesting.  Gee..... I was four years old when that happened.  I remember it well.

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Distinguished Graduate Nominations Due

It's been a year and nominations for the Distinguished Graduate for 2017 are now ready to be accepted by the Principal's office.  Here are the rules for nominating a Distinguished Graduate:

bulletThe Candidate has been graduated from CHS for at least 15 years.
bulletThe Candidate has achieved success and recognition in their chosen field (business, sports, politics, community activism, etc.)
bulletThe Candidate is willing to accept the award in person or use technology to convey a message of acceptance (Exception --- The Candidate is deceased)
bulletThe Candidate will promote the prestige of Amon G. Carter-Riverside High School.

Now, here's how you make a nomination --- Go to distinguished-graduate.htm and print out the nomination form.  Fill in the blanks giving as much information as you can, then mail the form to the Principal, Mr. Ruthart by April 1st.  Please include as much factual information as you can on the form.  Add pages if necessary.  In case of a tie, any additional info my help break the tie.  April 1st (not to be confused with April Fools Day) is the drop dead date for accepting nominations so don't let the form sit on your desk gathering dust.  The nomination forms will be compiled by Mr. Ruthart and carried to the  Site-Based Decision Making (SBDM) group for their selection.  During my travels, I have seen enough obituaries of Carter Riverside kids that listed more accomplishments than some of the past Graduates so do a little research on your classmates and pick out some goodies for the 2017 nominations.

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Class of '66 has a Birthday Party

Paula Howell Thompson '66 writes in to say that the Class of '66 celebrated their biological clock longevity with a birthday party at Pappas Burgers in Ft. Worth on 10/12/13.  I think that we will all have to admit that these old timers (a mixture of 65 and 66 year olds) are still better lookin than us octogenarians.  Well..........at least some of em.


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Safety In Numbers (or why worry about retirement)

The Tackett Clan......Gerald Tackett '51 and wife Janice (dark blue in the center) present their family for the occasion of Gerald's 79th birthday.  They only started with six.  Only grand's shown.....no great grand's yet.

Whoops......missed one.  Grandson Jack is a cadet at the U. S. Naval
Academy.  The occasion here is Jack winning his parachute wings at Fort Benning Georgia.  He is abeamed by grandma Janice and grandpa Gerald '51.

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A Gathering of Eagles

The Dale Burchfield '54 Clan
L-R, Sharon '80, Mitchel & his granddaughter, Dale '54, and Julie Burchfield Hale '78

Sergeant Dale at work protecting the city of Ft. Worth from a stampeding heard of Steers
(note the lasso)


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1954 National Honor Society
(submitted by Barbara Bryant Salser '54)

First Row: Sharon Rutledge, Bobby McVey, Genevieve Williamson, Lee Wright, Shirley Pickford, Ada Ruth Gill

Second Row: Bill Banowsky, Doloris McCurdy, Jamie Rogers, Dora Dunham, Mary Dunn, Barbara Bryant

Third Row: Jim Messersmith, Sue Shugart, Gay Musick, Linda West, John Andrews

Fourth Row: Carol Ann Reedy, Kathryn Shergold, Ann Graves, Granville Paules, Bobby Lumpkin

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Class of '66 has a theme song.........

Just got word from John Petzold '66 that the Class of '66 has their own Class song.  Here are some of the highlights......

bulletIt was written for the 20th reunion of the Carter-Riverside class of '66, although we didn't get it done in time for the reunion. Some classmates were given copies within a few months after the 20th reunion.
bulletWords and music by John Petzold, Class of '66.
bulletProduced by David Hughes at his local studio.
bulletAll the instruments and voices were done by John Petzold and David Hughes.

The song is pretty good.  If you want to listen to it, click on do you remember '66

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Pictures of the Ole School

Due to some rumblings that the ole school was falling apart, Vice President and Treasurer of the Alumni Association Gregg Bursey '73 went over to the school grounds to take a few pictures with his aging Kodak.  Here's how he did........

Boy's Baseball Field With Lights

Choir Room At Edge Of Track

Girls Softball Field With LIghts

Middle School And Track

New Track

School Cafeteria

School Front

Still looks pretty good to me...............

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Campus Happenings

Recently we added a new page to the web site.  It's called Campus Update and contains information that is supplied to us from the folks within the hallowed halls.  However, this first issue is from Gregg Bursey '73 who happens to the the Vice President and Treasurer of the Alumni Association.  If you want to find out what's happening at the school, click on Campus Happenings.  Please note that we can't update the Campus Happenings page unless we get some information from the Alumni Board.

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 Jazz Combo With The Stage Band In 1960
(submitted by Roy and Nancy Housewright '60)

Left to Right...Jerry Windle, Ron King, David Fojtasek, Roy Housewright, and Jerry Couch

Roy Housewright says that he is now an archivist at the Billy W. Sills Center for Archives FWISD and usually there on Mon and Fri if any other Carter exes would like to come by and browse .... he says that they have a lot of old yearbooks etc.  Also, Roy says that if any of you exes have any past pictures or yearbooks they would like to donate to the Archives please  contact him at the archives.

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CHS Girls from 1962
(photo from Janice Bell Fitzgerald '62)

L to R bottom row -- Patty Meyers, Cindy Tatum, Jill Byler, Nancy Carter
L to R top row -- Jo Ann Anderson, Shirley Blanks, Suzy Fuller, Cindy Johnson, Janice Bell

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Another Gathering of Eagles.......

An informal meeting in Houston brought together three high school buddies to relive the memories of the 'Good Ole Days'.  From left to right....Herb Kavanaugh '50, Patsy Ross Kavanaugh '54, Gerald Tacket '51, Janice Tackett, Bob Ferguson '53, and Marilea Ferguson..

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Around the Campus

Back in the days of no air conditioning in the big building..............here are two cuties from the class of '50....

L to R. Mary Katherine Ross and Gerry Flippo

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Any Body Recognize These Girls??

Seniors, Class of 1945

If anybody recognizes any of these girls, please let the management know by using the comments section of the Sign In form.  Thanx.

Junean Hood Willis  class of 1955 tells us that back row standing far left is her sister, Willie Mae Hood Jones '45 and on the second row far left is her cousin, Norma Jean Norwood Witt.  I'm thinking that the three girls on the front row are closer to the class of '50

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A Goodie From The Past

The occasion?.........a Rainbow Girls Installation at the Riverside Masonic Lodge May 27, 1950
From l to r......Martha Mills '50, Patsy Ball '50, Peggy Huffman '51, Evyonne Andrews '52, and Sue Curry '52

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Class of '41.........Where are you??

Maxine Newton '41 is looking for any  '41 class members to send her an email at gnewton007@msn.com  She says that she's just learning how to use the internet. would like to hear from my old classmates. Her phone # is 337 527 6072. Will catch up on the past when you call. She says that she is 84 years old and still going strong.

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Recognize Anybody??
(picture sent by Ron Black '60)

Ron says that these are guys are part of the future CHS class of 1960 and sitting on the steps in the first row (l to r) are Roy Don Wilson, Doug DeMaLade, Billy Burrows.  Second row steps are Pat Holdridge, Lon Hobbs, Mike Goldstein, and Mike Lester.  From here on in it gets fuzzy.  Known for sure is Mr. Wilson (with tie) and this is his 6th grade class at Oakhurst.  Anybody have information about the others please contact Ron at rlblack4@verizon.net

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A Gathering of Eagles

Visitors to the Lone Star Flight Museum in Galveston are Ellen Cline Rosenstein '51, Herb Kavanaugh '50, and Patsy Ross Kavanaugh '54 (note: not all good things happen just on Yucca Street)

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Class of '52 holds Monthly Luncheon

Evyonne Andrews Eddins and Kurt Schnellenbach announced that the Class of '52 continues to hold a monthly luncheon around the Fort Worth area.  A meeting they had some time ago was held at Billy Bob's (see pictures else where in this site.  If you would like to join this group, please contact Evyonne at evonandrews@sbcglobal.net or Kurt at kurtrix@sbcglobal.net for further information.

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Class of '56 Photo Link

Robert McKibben has generated a photo page site and posted some pictures of the Class of '56.  Check it out at

View Class of 1956 50th Reunion

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Wanna See Some Pictures of Old Ft. Worth???

Check this link out to see some pictures of old Fort Worth landmarks.  Also, note the marquee of what's playing at the old Riverside Drive In.


Also, Jack White '44 noted photographer of the City of Fort Worth and photo collector has an amazing collection of old Fort Worth photos on his website at......


Jack also says that he would also appreciate any feedback, and especially any old FW photos that he might be able to use in his collection.  Contact Jack at jwjfk@flash.net with any feedback you might have or pictures you would like to donate.  With Jack's permission, the Alumni web page may start posting a few of the old landmark photographs around the Fort Worth area that we were familiar with back in the good old days.

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Miss Warren's 4th Grade Class at Oakhurst (circa 1943)

Future CHS Class of 1951

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If you haven't paid your dues yet, please click on Membership Form, print out the form, fill in the blanks and send it to the Carter Riverside Ex-Student's Assn at P.O. Box 7005, Fort Worth, TX 76111 with your check.  Minimum dues are only $5.00 per person, but you can always donate more.  It all goes to a good cause. 

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Class of '58 Has a BLOG Spot

We had several requests to see the pictures of our Big Event so here is a site that you can visit to see a few pictures of our "kindergarten work day".  A few more pictures have been added and there will be more very soon.  The group has received pictures of the event from Virginia Mauldin-Hicks and will publish those as soon as they get through with the decorating series.  The pictures on the blog change frequently so check it out often.

At the bottom of the site is the word COMMENT.  Click on it and a dialog box opens for you to "blog" with us.  Please do let us know how you like the idea and the pictures. 

 If you have pictures you would like to display please contact hrandrr@flash.net , Rosie Jones-Reeves.  We will work your pictures into one of the weeks of publishing.

 Enjoy, The Committee

Note to Melvin Evans, I named you and Juanita in one of the pictures and was not sure that I had it right.  Please feel free to correct me and if it is not you two then maybe you will know whose name it should be.  I apologize if I am wrong, but if I am right please feel free to give me a pat on the back.  I just didn't get around to everyone that night but will the next time we all meet.

Rosie and the Committee

ED Comment:  For those that may be new to this kind of technology, the term BLOG comes from the term "Web Log", and by definition a BLOG is a website where the entries are made in journal style and displayed in a reverse chronological order.  Now, aren't you glad you asked??

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Mrs. Turner's Second Grade Class at Oak Knoll Elementary
(Submitted by Paula Howell Thompson '66)
(Future class of '66)

Top Row left to right: Frances Myers (maybe), Tommy Hill, Darryl Hamilton, Unk.girl, Charlene Stogdsdill, Ladell Medley.
2nd Row: Unk. boy, hazel Sweeney, Unk.girl, Unk.boy, L.W. Dean, Ken Ulrickson, Unk. girl
3rd Row: Marcia Meeks(z), Unk.boy, Unk.girl, Unk.boy,Unk.girl, Phillip Kincaide(?), Unk.boy, Unk,girl
4thRow:  Unk. boy, Unk .girl, Paulette Pilcher, Unk.boy, Bobby Combest(Weatherman), Donna Thompson, David Gibson,Carolyn Wooley, Unk. girl
Thanks to David Gibson and Bobby Combest for submitting this photo and to Ken Ulrickson for identifying these youngsters.

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Class Agents signing on.....

Tara Teague past president of the Class of '95 has just signed on as class representative for the CHS Class of '95.  Thanks Tara, we appreciate it.  Anybody else ??.  Still lots of classes left.  Due to the death of Wanda Pearson Penix '45, the class agent spot for '45 is open.  If there are any replacements, I would appreciate knowing about them.

Also, just received notice that Stephanie Dowell Largents '88 has volunteered to be the agent for Class of '88.  Thanks Stephanie. 

Kathy Adams Butterfield '68 just signed on as the contact for the class of '68.  Thanks Kathy.

Kelli Linton Chadwick '00 has just signed on as the class agent for the Class of 2000.  Mucho gracias Kelli.  All you members of class of 2000 start checking in with Kelli at kelligirl1982@hotmail.com or CRHSreunion2000@gmail.com

Gail White Scoggins '71 just signed on as class agent for the Class of 1971.  Many Thanks Gail.

New Class Agent for the class of '62 is Janice Bell Fitzgerald.  Her email is rdandjj@yahoo.com.  She is taking over for Earl Drake who is presently in bad health.  Please add Earl to your prayer list and thanks Janice.

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****** URGENT MESSAGE for Class '86 Members ******

Patti Gee is requesting that ALL Class of '86 members to send her updated information for your

Name, address, phone number, e-mail address etc.

Her e-mail addresses are: dannopoo2000@yahoo.com and cartereagles86@yahoo.com and her phone number is..............

 (817) 353-4917

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Hob-Knobbing With The Elite

Patsy Ross Kavanaugh '54 explaining to the Texas Governor that all of her kids (as well as her old man) went through A$M.  Somehow the Governor seems to approve.

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More Hob-Knobbing

Mike Fleetwood, class of 1969 brushing shoulders with the King of the Circuit, Richard Petty at Petty Enterprises in Randleman, NC. Mike said that he spent two days with Richard Petty and has to admit that he's one of the nicest guys that he's ever had the pleasure to meet and do business with. "This was a great trip and I'll never forget the time that I spent with the 'King' of NASCAR. I'm already looking forward to my next visit to Petty Enterprises."

Sam Shortes '53 is shown here in the Oval Office with President Reagan during his last year in office.  Sam is presenting the President with an engraved and gold inlaid Bowie knife and Colt-Walker pistol (in Presidents left hand).  These items are presently on display in Reagan's Presidential Library.  The same knife is on display in the Alamo museum and another one was owned by Actor John Wayne.  The theme of the engraving was the "Alamo." The engravings  on both sides of the Bowie Knife are of final assault. Reagan had some dozen pieces ---mostly Colts and Winchesters -- starting back when he was Governor of California.  Sam has also engraved some things for George H. Bush before he became president.

Shown here are Louise Tate Hefner '50 with a smiling and ever effervescent Betty White.  The picture with Betty White is said to be the occasion of Louise's Octogenarian celebration.  Looking at the picture, that's kinda hard to believe.

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The 1949 Eagle Football Squad
(submitted by Burnett "Gunny" McAlister '50)

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Food For Thought...While Looking Thru The Annual
from Robert McKibben '56

Makes me sad. So many gone. Yet, so many did good, beyond any concept that I may of had. Lawyers, FBI agents, US Marshals, Soldiers, Preachers, Educators, Homemakers, Entrepreneurs, Doctors, Nurses, Ranchers, Actors, Architects, Engineers, Scientists, Bankers, Cowboys, Cowgirls, Builders. Aggies, tea sippers, Frogs, Red Raiders, Fightin' Irish, Sooners, Rams, Huskers, Eagles, Bears, Cougars, UTA Rebels, and many other colleges plus the Military.

Yep, Carter Riverside should be Proud of the wonderful students that graced it's Halls since 1937 or 38 when it was allowed to "educate" the kids from "Riverside".  I am Thankful that I was allowed the opportunity to attend the best high school in Fort Worth.

Dang! It was a wonderful experience growin' up in Riverside.

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If anyone has information or e-mail addresses of 1962 Alumni, in fact any information that will help us find our missing alumni or info on their passing, please send the information to   carter-class-of-62@sbcglobal.net  .  We now have a new web site (Sept. 2005).  It is under beginning construction, but you may look at what Bill has done so far at www.CarterClassOf62.org  .  Please check it out and send any pictures or information you would like to see on the web site.  Thanks to Bill Wilborn (billandmary308@charter.net) for all of his hard work.

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Recent Additions to the CHS Email Directory

Marquis Anderson '60 Susann Susen Eller '61
Jo Ann Argo Traweek '57 Reta Priddy Boyle '59
Mike Goldstein '60 Ed Norman '57
Nancy Kennedy Lewis '57 Nancy Wollery Howell '58
Eddie Chipman '51 Martha Mills Hoppe '50
W. D. Courtney '47 Nancy Baker Anderson '51
Bedie Counts Rhodes '48 Kay Andrews Richardson '61
Roy Housewright '60 Angela Moore Currie '52
Mike Talley '53 Sharon Smythe-Green '53
Rosemary Stroder Alt '61 Dorothy Webb Albrecht '53
Roger Simmons '57 Gerald "Jerry" Totten '49
Steve S. Williams '60 Faye Harris Povero '58
Ronald Lee Crittenden '53 Cecil McPherson '52
Craig Fredericks '60 Doris Netherland Dunlap '53
Carolyn McDowell White '59 Martha Stanton Lunday '59
Susan Hayes Laughlin '59 Bill Bowers '61
Luanne Wright Robinson '79 Carolyn West Mayfield '52
Hazel R. Stovall Wood '51 Bob C. Drummond '54
Frances Graves Rosson Batchelor '49 Bill Jones '47

Orein Browning '46

Juanita Meine Ringo '50
Mirl Kimberling '53 Lawrence Barclay '53
Roy L. Soto '70 Robert Sparks '46
Dick Linton '51

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(Please excuse, but our photo archives are limited to the classes of '46 thru '54 [with the exception of '51].    We are needing help with the earlier classes, i.e., 1945 and back as well as with the younger classes, '55 and on.

Rhonda Rhodes '91
Nick Turmes '64
George Carson '60
Mary Louise Anderson Carson '62
Charles Patrick "Pat" Fogerson '74
Victoria Duncan Kinghorn '84
Linda Hicks Turnbough '72
Edgar G. "Ed" Manning '70
Norman Dingmore '43
Pat Crowder Ruskin Herd '52
Glenda Hartsell Keilstrup '56
Mary Havens McSorley '63
Linda Sutton Simmons '59
David Cox '70
Shirley Flippo Smith '52
Judith Ryno '65
Jimmy Wright '05
Anna Canales-Rios '06
Raymond Perez '94
Sallye Swafford Lewis '68
Lisa Strittmatter Millis '79
Alba Claribel Sanabria '92
Ivy Geneva Miniard Yates Taylor '46
Joartis Gray Hakes '51
Analicia Jackson Garcia '03
Kenneth Broadie '68
Sandy Buck Brewer '72
Jimmy Spellings '63
Jimmy Lee Rogers '73
David Pilcher '72
Emily Gail White Scoggins '71
Terri Pisano '81
Roger Shewmake '64
Joyce Ann Farr Higgs '65
Gary Higgs '61
Toulue Lor '93
Dwain Dent '69
Don Santin '93
William "Bill" Thompson '45
Billy T. Hill '43
Jacqueline "Jackie" Marie Cobb Page '73
James Lee McArdle '66
Dewey Lee Way '77
John Earl Ray '69
Betty Lou Reeves Tillman '48
Carolyn Sue McPherson Fees '75


Check out the "Where are They?" page and see if you can help us find some lost Eagles.

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